10 Out There Questions To Ask Your Photographer

( Or some of my personal favorites at least )



It’s your wedding day, you’re finally tying the not with that special someone you’ve been waiting to spend the rest of your life with. The whole day is about you two, and you two only. But let me tell you a little secret, the day is about you two AND ME. Your photographer is who you’re going to send the most amount of time with on your wedding day. SO MAKE SURE YOU LIKE THEM. Dont settle, for just anyone. Make sure you three laugh at the same things, are on the same page when it comes to who you want in your bridal suite, and what it means to work together.


Here are a few questions to get you started on path of a working friendship:

  1. Why’d you get into Wedding photography?

    There is nothing worse than a photographer who’s just in it for the money. You want to be sure you photographer cares about your day like it’s their own.

    I actually fell into weddings on complete mistake and it was the best mistake I’ve ever made. I had some old friends ask me shoot their engagement session, I remember actually declining them the first time because I knew that most wedding photographers couple this into their wedding packages. But after explaining that they still asked me to do their engagement session, when we were done they asked if I would shoot their wedding as well.

  2. What do you put on your hot dog? (Never trust anyone who says cucumbers… seriously what the he– )

    Seriously people, cucumbers? I can judge cause I love cucumbers, BUT ON A HOT DOG. Great ice breaker though. Cause who wants to be serious all the time.

  3. What is your favorite part of weddings?

    Personally, I haven’t shot a wedding I haven’t sobbed my eyes out during the vows.. However my absolute favorite part is the first walk a couple takes down the aisle together after saying “I Do!” I recommend to all my couple to take this moment to sneak away and just have ten minutes to themselves to take everything in with each other and just be present. You just made the biggest commitment of your life, take it in together before the party starts!

  4. How long have you been photographing?

    I got my first DSLR at sixteen, I’ve changed focusses and mediums and taken all sorts of various classes since, but simple math makes that 11 years!

  5. How long have you been shooting Weddings?

    My first full-wedding I shot was in 2015 for my friends that were getting married in Colorado, I didn’t shoot another one til 2018 and I haven’t stopped since.

  6. What is your turn around time, and how do I receive my photos?

    I try to never let 12-hours go by after a couple say ‘I DO’ without sharing a little sneak peak! It was a big day, I get it you want to share it! And I want you to share it! But also I took a looot of photos on your wedding day so it’ll take me at least 3 weeks to get through all those magic moments.

  7. What happens in worst case scenario if you cannot make it to the wedding?

    It will take a lot for me to call-in on your wedding day, however I will never leave you hanging! I would find a replacement for you and make sure it is not even a bump on your wedding planning!

  8. What do you do when you’re not photographing?

    I wear a lot of hats! I’m a born and raised Alaskan, and spent over fifteen years commercial fishing on my families boat. I run an airbnb in the summertime out of a Yurt I own in Homer, Alaska. Ask me about it and Ill give you the hook up if you’re lucky. I work part time as a barista slinging lattes and americanos in Seattle. And I do graphic design work on the side.

  9. How do you approach the day when shooting? Whats your attitude?

    I like to ask my bride and groom before hand, what role do you need me to play. I will sit back and be a fly on the wall and get all the shot, but if you need someone to guard the bridal suite so your second cousins girlfriend isn’t sneaking in ‘cause she’s family’ I will be there. I want you two to have your dream day, and if that means I have to be the controlling photographer that wrangles you 10+ cousins together because theres no photos of them all with grandma. I will be that photographer. Im hired to be your photographer, but really Im so so much more for you!

  10. Do you think my wedding will a good fit for your style?

    I will be completely honest with you here, if I think your wedding is outside my wheelhouse of expertise or I don’t think I can deliver on the vision you have for your wedding day, I WILL SAY SO. Not all weddings are a perfect fit, and there’s nothing worse than wanting your wedding day to look one way, and me delivering something different. So lets talk, tell me what you’re looking for and what you want in a photographer and I’ll let you know if I can deliver!


Did I miss anything? Have any other questions for me? Lets chat!



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