7 Best Spots In Seattle For Your Engagement Photos

Choosing a location for your engagement photos in Seattle can be extremely overwhelming. Seattle provides the perfect backdrop to capture your love story. Between the old charm of the city brick buildings, the stunning blue puget sound, and the massive evergreen trees all within miles of each other, Seattle’s options for any proposal are endless. Here are some of my favs!

Carkeek Park




This is the perfect combination of beachy and woodsy! It features how beautiful and scenic Seattle can be – even in the middle of a big city.

Discovery Park




Provides the most dreamy and whimsical backdrop. between the lighthouse and evvergrowing florals, you can’t go wrong at Discovery Park.

Mount Rainier National Park




Mount Rainier really speaks for itself. 45 minutes outside of the city holds one of Washington’s most stunning national parks, and the perfect location for a moody engagement shoot.




it’s called GOLDEN gardens for a reason. A sunset proposal in Ballard overlooking the puget sound is such a stunning way to go, and if you’re lucky, the sailboats will make an appearance.


Downtown Seattle




Downtown Seattle is unbeatable. This city has a sense of old charm with its brick buildings and stunning rooftops. These photo were take on, believe it or not, the top of a parking garage. The city shines from every angle. The only thing that’s missing, is you and your fiance!


Gold Creek Pond




Thirty minutes east of Seattle is breathtaking gold creek pond. She really shows off in the fall and winter, but in any season she gives the perfect playground for you, your fiance, and your pup!







A neighborhood just south of downtown. Georgetown has lots of eclectic shops, record stores, funky art installations. It’s perfect for a couple looking to do something a little different!

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