Bright Summer Wedding at Seattle’s Hidden Gem: Dunn Gardens

Bride and Groom at Golden Hour during Summer Wedding at Seattle's Dunn Gardens

Noah and Joanna tied the knot in the heat of the summer at this bright summer wedding at one of Seattle’s best hidden gems: Dunn Gardens

I recently had the opportunity to capture a wonderful modern summer wedding in the breathtaking Dunn Gardens. Dunn Gardens in Seattle is giving BIG secret garden vibes. Hidden in a bustling neighborhood of Seattle, this venue is ideal for city dwelling couples looking to getaway from the noise and hone in on the romance. It has draping willow trees, as well as a back house for a bridal suite, and tons of perfect photo locations. The sunset peering through the trees made for the most stunning bride and groom backdrop.

One of the highlights of the day was the appearance of a furry friend Bodhi, the couple’s beloved dog. The couple hired Wags Down The Aisle who picked Bodhi up from their home so he could attend the festivities. Later, after the ceremony was brought Bodhi bakc home to play while the couple partied carefree. Bodhi’s attendance added an extra touch of joy and became an itergral part of the wedding’s special memories.

The Dunn Gardens provided an itmiate and private setting for the wedding ceremony, with it’s serene atmosphere and lush surrounding. The draping willow trees created a romantic atmosphere, their delicate branches swaying in the gentle breeze. The couple exchanged vows beneath the comforting shade of these trees, surrounded by their loved ones.

The summer florals added an explosion of color and beauty to the scene. Bright blossoms adorned the vibrant greenery, creating an enchanting atmosphere that perfectly complemented the couple stylish and modern vision.

From bold reds to soft pinks, undoubtedly the flowers added a touch of elegance and whiny to the celebration. 

As a modern wedding photographer, I thrive on the opportunity to showcase the unique personalities and love stories of couples I work with. Thourhgout the day I carefully captured every precious moment between Noah and Joanna. I aimed to document the couple’s love and joy and immortalized it through my work. From stolen glances to laughter-filled embraces. Capturing the genuine emotions that radiated from Noah and Joanna. 

Undeniably this bright summer wedding at Seattles hidden gem, Dunn Gardens showed a unique love, beauty, and vibrancy of the occasion. Both the draping willow trees, summer florals and the adorable pre scene of Bodhi created a stunning backdrop for a truly unforgettable celebration. I am grateful to have been a part of such a joyful and captivating event. 

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