Gritty Desert Elopement at Nelson Ghost Town

Tying the knot in doesn’t always have to be about the glam and glitz. Just a quick drive from the strip of Las Vegas, Nevada, lies an abandoned area of Nelson Ghost Town. Amidst the dusty routes, old rusty planes, deserted church a boho gritty cowboy couple exchanged their vows in an intimate elopement ceremony surrounded by the profound desert and vintage cowboy vibes.

Running through the romantic oddities of the last 150 years, Amanda and Dylan were able to have a one-of-a-kind experience in the Nevada desert that channeled their inner gritty cowboy couple. The scene was breathtaking as this couple stood in front of old crashed airplanes and cuddle up on the wings, to a rustic romantic church to say their ‘I DOs’ in. The Nelson Ghost Town has it all for the adventurous couple looking for something different.  

The Nelson Ghost Town is an excellent backdrop for any couple looking for something different and unconventional. The abandoned airplanes and vintage cars add an extra touch to the gritty cowboy feel, making it a perfect place for elopements.

If you’re a couple in search of an intimate and unique experience, eloping to Nelson Ghost Town in Las Vegas might be just the right choice. Or if you find yourself in the middle of Oregon looking for other abandon to exchange your vows, check out this Grass Valley Country Side Elopement. Either location, bot give an unforgettable experience that will create memories for years to come captured in luxurious photos that will bless your mantle for years to come.


Venue: Nelson Ghost Town

Couple: The Rollin Boles

Workshop: Grit Education

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