In Home Engagement

In Home Remo Engagement Session

| Logan and Katelyn |

If we’re being honest this is not how this shoot was suppose to go, not even close. I had a romantic classic engagement shoot planned in my head but when I got a text that was meant to go to Logan from Katelyn about doing a shoot in their new mid-remodel home I told Katelyn there was no other options. Logan had to get on board because, duh. And thanks Logan for getting on board. Theres something so real and raw about photographing a couple in their environment, thanks for inviting me to your home for wine and stuffed peppers on your make-shift dining table. These two are have got this whole life thing down, remodeling a home together with their two dogs and laughing every step of the way. I know I’ve already said it but, you two are what I want to be when I grow up.