Romantic Fall Wedding at Forget Me Not Nursery Greenhouse, Alaska

Bride and Groom pose in the fall foliage at Forget Me Not Nursery, Alaska

Fall always seems to bring a romantic feeling to weddings – this wedding at Forget Me Not Nursury was no exception.

This small, private fall wedding took place at the local Forget Me Not Nursery Greenhouse in Alaska. Karin and Yasiel choose to surround themselves with colorful bright florals, lots of family, and of course their pup Chaos. The warm romantic hues of autumn blended perfectly with the bright blooms by Melissa at Honey Bloom Floral Design. The blend unquestionably created an inviting and festive atmosphere that was perfect for this couples big day at Forget Me Not Nursery.

Both families clearly played a big role in the proceedings to Karin and Yasi day. Although family members traveled from long distance, they all came together to celebrate the happy couple. Yasi’s family spent the morning making charcuterie boards with all family recipes from Cuba. Meanwhile Karin’s family decorate the venue and prepped the space for guest. It was great to see so people travel from so far away, enjoying the fun and excitement of the occasion. The greenhouse at Forget Me Not Nursery only added to the intimacy of the event. The cozy atmosphere nested in the base of the mountains, altogether it create the backdrop for the loving couples day.

Capturing small intimate weddings like this s why I love what I do. The opportunity to capture all the love, joy, and beauty of a small wedding is just a small perk. Meeting every guest is something extraordinary, and this particular event was no exception. From the stunning florals to the warm embrace of the family, every detail was captured in the photographs.

This romantic fall wedding at the local nursery was a beautiful celebration of love, family, and the changing seasons. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of, and one that will stay with me for a long time. Looking for more floral-forward wedding inspiration – check out this Seattle Brides wedding giving all the floral feels.

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