Rainy Washington Wedding at Imperia Lake Union

Modern Vintage Bride and Groom at Lake Washington Wedding at Imperia Lake Union

On a rainy Washington day, a truly enchanting and romantic vintage wedding took place at Imperia Lake Union.

On a rainy Washington day, a truly enchanting and romantic vintage wedding took place at Imperia Lake Union. The weather may have been gloomy, but it only added to the moody atmosphere that made this special day even more unforgettable. The bride and groom, surrounded by beautiful emerald greens and vintage charm, embraced the unique beauty of this rainy setting.

The choice to embrace a vintage theme brought a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to the entire event. The bride’s stunning beaded short gown with delicate details transported everyone back to an elegant time gone by. The groom looked dashing in a classic tailored suit that perfectly complemented the vintage aesthetic.

The rainy weather may have deterred some couples, but not this one. They saw it as an opportunity to create a truly memorable and cozy experience. The misty raindrops falling gently on the ceremony added an ethereal touch, making the setting truly magical. The images beautifully reflected the couple’s love, surrounded by the lush greenery that thrived the classic Seattle rainfall. Couldnt help but remind me of my last visit to Imperia with this equally as moody fall wedding.

The vibrant emerald colors chosen for the decorations and floral arrangements added a striking contrast to the cloudy backdrop. The deep green hues symbolized growth, renewal, and unconditional love – perfect elements for a wedding celebration.

The reception hall at Imperia was decorated with vintage-inspired details, from antique candle holders to delicate lace tablecloths. The warm, soft glow of the string lights created a cozy and intimate ambiance. The Lauren and Cullen danced their first dance under the dreamy lights and, for a moment, the crazy of the day seemed to cease. It was as if time stood still, and they were the only ones in the room.

This vintage, moody, and rainy wedding at Imperia Lake Union was a testament to the beauty that can be found in unexpected circumstances. The combination of vintage charm, cozy rain, and lush emerald colors created an atmosphere that exuded romance. The photographer’s expertise in capturing these elements made every image a work of art, allowing the couple to relive their special day for years to come.

Vendor List:

Photographer: Bare Bones Photo

Venue: Imperia Lake Union

Desserts: Spilled Butter Desserts

Hair and Makeup: Michelle Wight

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