Edgy Elopement at Red Rock Canyon Outside of Las Vegas, Nevada

Bride and Groom at Edgy Elopement at Red Rock Canyon Outside of Las Vegas Nevada

This styled shoot for Whitney and Zack gave an amazing and unique elopement that perfectly captured their punk and edgy style. The stunning backdrop of the Red Rocks Canyon just north of Las Vegas Nevada added even more contrast to their special day.

One of the standout elements of their elopement was Whitney’s ‘hitched’ jacket. With its bold and rebellious look, it added a touch of punk to the entire photoshoot. The jacket not only reflected their style but also showcased their love for breaking the norms and going against the grain.

The red rock canyons, with their towering cliffs and vibrant red hues, provided an incredible backdrop for their photos. The contrast between the rugged landscape and Whitney and Zack’s punk style created a visually striking combination. Every photo captured against the backdrop of the Red Rocks exuded a sense of adventure and intensity.

Elopements are gaining popularity, especially among those who prefer a more intimate and non-traditional wedding experience. Whitney and Zack’s elopement perfectly embodied this spirit. By breaking away from convention and showcasing their unique style, they created a truly memorable and authentic wedding day.

As a photographer, capturing the essence of their punk and edgy style against the backdrop of the Red Rocks was an absolute delight. It was inspiring to witness their love for each other and their adventurous spirit. Every click of the camera lens captured their personalities and the beauty of their unfiltered love.

Whitney and Zack’s punk and edgy elopement at red rocks canyon serves as a reminder that love can take many forms. It doesn’t always have to fit into a traditional mold. By embracing their individuality and expressing their style, they created a wedding day that was truly their own.

The photographs from their elopement beautifully encapsulate the spirits of punk, edginess, Red Rocks, and the concept of elopement itself. They tell a story of love, rebellion, and the beauty of breaking away from the expected. It was an honor to be a part of their special day and capture these moments that will last a lifetime. If you didnt get enough of this unique elopement in the Las Vegas Nevada desert, check out this ghost town session just south of these red rock canyons.


Photographer: Bare Bones Photo

Planner: Grit Education

Vow Books: Cooper Cloud

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