7 Tips For An Awesome Engagement Session


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Engagement sessions can be a pretty scary thing if you’ve never gotten photos taken before. But whether it’s your first time in front of the camera or your 100th, I got some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to make you feel comfortable and cauute in your engagement photos.


1.Why Are We Taking These?

I always tell my couples this story when they’re on the fence about booking an engagement session. After a wedding one night I stayed to hang out with the Bride and Groom, we we’re talking around a fire and the Groom turned to me and said, “Kenz I gotta tell ya I thought engagement photos were the stupidest idea, I didn’t want to do them, I didn’t see the point in them.” Cue my heart dropping, mortified as to where he was going with this. He finished by saying “But if we hadn’t have booked them today would’ve been so much different and Im so happy we got the chance to know you before today.”

My take away, look at an engagement session as an ice breaker. You get to know your photographer before the big day and you get to practice some poses and feel a little less awkward infront of the camera on your wedding day. Plus you get extra cute photos to brag about your engagement online!

2. What To Pack:

Whether we’re running to the mountains for an adventurous romantic engagement session or staying home for a casual lifestyle session there’s always a few must have items! Engagement photos are often used for your save the dates, so if you have any signage you want photos of your date pack it. I always suggest bringing hair and makeup touch up kits, water, and any snacks you might like. If you’re not comfy sitting on the ground in your outfits bring a small blanket to lay out. And of course if you want those bottle poppin’ shot, champagne baby.


Happy Couple Popping a Bottle of Champagne During Engagement Photos

3. What To Wear:

I get this question a lot more than you would think – I always say wear something you’re comfortable in! There’s nothing worse than clothes that are too tight or too loose and you spend the whole session adjusting yourself. If you go shopping for new outfits for your session use this as an excuse for a date night! Take them on a trail run out and about and see how you feel in them. Remember to steam and iron your outfits the day before so you know they’re clean and ready for your shoot.

I often suggest picking a color palette and sticking to it, it’s super easy to search on google or pinterest just ‘color palettes’ to get some inspiration for colors that go together. After that I say to try and stay away from any crazy patterns or bright neons that will wash you out. Then finally, try not to have any super big logos or graphic that take away from you in your photos. Ask your photographer if you can send them a few pictures for their opinion what will photograph well. Brining a few options or layers to show your photographer before your session is always a good idea also.

4. Plan Your Session Ahead Of Time:

I recommend scheduling your engagement session at lest six months before your wedding day. However, talk to your photographer about what you want your photos to look like. If you want green lush sunny images best not to try and plan a shoot in the dead of winter. The best light for photos is called ‘golden hour’ and is usually about a hour before sunset. This can vary based on the time of the year and location around mountains, I suggest staying flexible and listening to what your photographer recommends. You hired them for a reason!

If you’re in the Seattle area check out my guide on how to pick the best location for your engagement session here 




Couple During Golden Hour Engagement Photos

5. Get Those Hands Ready:

Whether it’s getting you nails done or cleaning your engagement ring, get those fingers looking ready for their shot. You don’t need to get that ring professionally cleaned, you can scrub it at home and it’ll look just as shiny. Treat yourself go get those nails done, feel fancy!

6. Bring Your Bestie:

Second most common question I get about engagement sessions, “Can we bring our pets?!” YES! Im personally a dog person, but I’ve had people bring their cats, horses, even bunnies to their session. As long as they’re well behaved I say yes always, but always double check with your photographer. They might know more about the location that have special rules. I recommend bringing a designated animal handler with you to hold your pet when their not being photographed.




Couple Brings Dog to Engagement Session

7. Be Ready To Get Silly:

If you haven’t spent a lot of time in front of the camera you’re likely to be a little stiff in your posing. That’s perfectly normal! Your photographer might suggest some prompt that sound crazy, my go to – ever heard of the penis game? You start out whispering the word penis and each one of you have to say it louder than the other did. It’s guaranteed to get the nerves out of the way and break a few giggles.

Another quick way to loosen up is to go in for the kiss, you’ll immediately feel a little more comfortable and it makes for some cute photos. This can help you connect with your partner and forget the camera is even around.




You’re officially ready for your Engagement Session! Remember it’s all about having fun with your fiancé and creating memories that last. Have fun!




7 Tips For Engagement Session

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